Allow Yourself to be Confident

Allow yourself to be confident. There’s a bold statement. Do you have it in you? This a challenge that should be accepted and overcome. All that it takes is faith, guts, and hard work.

This phrase popped into my head one evening at my guitar lesson. I had been struggling with a new strum pattern for a couple of weeks. My teacher was concerned because I had been playing it well and with confidence the week before. Now I was playing like I had no confidence. That is when I realized that I need to allow myself to confident.

This means listening to the little voice we all have in our head that tells us “you got this”. This voice give us permission to take a chance. To believe! To take the leap of faith! We never know what the results of taking these risk are; but they may surprise you. This may be the nudge that is needed to move forward.

I’m not going to kid you, confidence comes from hard work and practice. The more you put in the more you will get out. It also comes from trying and failing. Failing isn’t always bad. It will tell you what needs work. Take these mistake and use them as a positive. Use them to lay the ground work for building your confidence.

Listen to that little voice that say you can. Have faith in your abilities. Think how great it will feel to achieve your goal, reach your dream! There will be struggles and hard times, but is well worth it.

A big part of allowing yourself to be confident is not listening to “that” other voice we have in our head. The one that tells us we can’t or we aren’t good enough. This is the one you need to block no matter how tough it might be. It will be easier said that done, believe me.

Replace the negative voice with thoughts of encouragement as well as having a “can do” attitude. Don’t be afraid of failing. These will lead you down a path where confidence will bloom.

Will it be easy – no! It is a step-by-step process. You may even find some of those steps taking you backwards; that’s okay. Pick yourself up, dust off, and keep moving forward.

Working hard, keeping the faith, and have some guts your confidence will soar. Understanding that there will be setbacks, an embarrassment or two along the way is natural. Keep listening to the positive little voice. Most importantly: allow yourself to be confident!

Be Cool, Be Nice

It has finally cooled off a bit here in the Midwest. We have dealt with high temperatures and humidity for the last week or so. Everyone has seemed cranky and irritable from the heat. So I had a thought. What if everyone did one nice thing for someone today to celebrate the relief we are getting from the heat.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant. Something simple to make the day a little brighter. A smile, a wave, a thank you is all it would take.

Be cool, Be nice!


Enjoying the Day

I was sitting thinking of what a beautiful day this is. Sun is shining, nice breeze, and birds singing next to my office window. It amazes me how much more I find enjoying since having my headache pain relieved. I am more relaxed and able to appreciate the little things that make a day great. What are some of the little things you find yourself appreciating that make the day great?

Headache Free!

For the first time in thirty-five years I have become headache free. At the age of fifteen I broke my nose. As a result, chronic migraines became a way of life.
The pain from these headaches would stretch from a mild annoyance to downright debilitating. They never completely went away. Attempting to manage the pain was the only option, so I was told.
My family doctor at the time told me that it was something I was going to have to live with and offered little in the way of treatment options. As time went on the pain worsened and would last for weeks. The time was right to begin searching for a new physician.
I feel lucky to have found the physician’s assistant that I am currently seeing. She has a very intuitive and caring demeanor and is not afraid to ask the tough questions to get to the root of the problem. A plan was created that included medications, exercise, and meditation. These treatments work well at keeping the severe headaches to a minimum but did little for the day to day pain. Knowing the treatment was not working – seeing a specialist was suggested.
At the first appointment with the headache and pain management specialist, I was nervous. Didn’t want to hear from him that this was a lifetime sentence, I needed paroled. About ten minuets and two simple tests later he cautioned that I was not suffering from migraines. The cause was nerve damage in my neck from the accident that broke my nose. The culprit was Cervicogenic headaches. Following two test procedures to ensure that a nerve block would work I was scheduled to have the problem nerves cauterized. This took place yesterday and I am proud to say that the headaches have been resolved. Headache free for the first time in thirty-five years. To say I feel like a new person is an understatement.
As human beings and patients we have the right to disagree with our doctor’s diagnosis. If the treatments provided by medical professionals don’t meet your needs – ask questions – get second opinion’s – see a specialist. Don’t settle for one person’s assessment and treatments. All you have to lose is pain.

Weberisms 5-13-17

I received these little tidbits from my Dad the other day and could not resist sharing………


If I ever get another dog, I am going to name it STAY to confuse it………come STAY.


I put a new skylight I’m my apartment, my upstairs neighbors hate it!


Hope y’all enjoy the weekend!!!!