I was told this yesterday by my Dad and since I borrowed the name from him I thought I would share…………….

Why did the Easter Bunny fire the duck?


He kept “quacking” the eggs!!!

Celebrating Our History

Last weekend my family traveled to Grimes Field Airport in Urbana, Oh. to celebrate some of our family history. We were blessed to have the chance to climb aboard the Betty’s Dream. She is a B-25 Mitchell mid-range bomber and the little brother to the B-17 bombers of the time. My grandfather, Harold McDowell, served on this plane as the navigator and tail gunner in the south pacific.

The Texas Flying Legends Museum out of Houston, Tx has restored this old bird to her former glory. My uncle contacted them and had many conversation with the pilot and director of the museum and they were gracious enough to let us have access to the plane and take pictures. We also took some of my grandfathers military records, pictures, and an original flight log along to share with them. The had no idea that any of these material still existed and almost came to tears when we asked if the museum would be interested in have these articles.

It was surreal to get to climb aboard the plane that my grandfather served on and brought all the stories we had heard as kids growing up come to life. It also created a sense of awe knowing that they flew fifty-four mission, twenty five were combat related, and escorted Doolittle’s Raiders on their raid of Japan.

It is not often that we get the chance to hear the war stories first hand, look at pictures of long ago memories, and witness history in person. We need to cherish all the veterans that have fought for the freedoms we enjoy and thank them every chance we can!

What is our time worth?

I ask this question because I had to schedule an appointment for a DirectTv technician to come to my house because my satellite dish quit working. While the person I talked to at customer service was very friendly they only offer two different times for the technician, 8am – 12pm or 1pm – 5pm Monday through Saturday. Since I work ten hour days during the week, this left Saturday. So now I sit and wait. Will they be here first thing or will it be noon. This brings me back to the original question, what is our time worth? DirectTv is not the only one with value placed on their time. Since we most likely have to cancel plans to be home while they repair our service should they not have to compensate us for our time? I was also without tv for a week, which may have been more than enough payment for my time, but no credit given to my account. Curious as to how others feel about this issue. Have a great day!!!!